Piracle Pay Service for:

Electronic and MICR check Payments

Take control of your Accounts Payable processes Download The Brochure Piracle...

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Create-A-Check For:

Check Printing and ACH Payments

Simplify your AP and Payroll processes Create-A-Check for QuickBooks allows...

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Outsource your Check or ACH processing

SOC2 certified check fulfillment

Let us Print, stuff, sort and mail your checks for you With Piracle’s...

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Check Printing & Writing Software

Check Printing & Writing Software

Create-A-Check software works seamlessly with most accounting software applications.

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Outsource Your Check or ACH Processing

Outsource Your Check or ACH Processing

Save time and money by outsourcing your check or 1099/w-2 printing

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Check Printing & Writing Software

Founded in 1991, Piracle has provided customers with cutting edge products aimed at decreasing expenses, increasing productivity, and eliminating fraud. Our comprehensive suite of payment management tools enables our customers to improve internal security in a cost effective manor. The level of service we provide our customers is our specialty and something we constantly work to improve upon. We offer a comprehensive suite of products that make check printing and payment processing simple and safe.

Our check printing and writing software allows users to print checks onto blank check stock and generate ACH payments directly from their own computer. We also sell check printing supplies including: blank check stock, envelopes and toner.

Xpress Pay Stubs lets organizations post Pay Stubs, W-2 and 1099’s to our secure web portal. This affords employees access to their documents from any computer or mobile device 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Piracle’s Secure Printing Service offers an outsourced alternative to printing checks and payroll documents. We print, stuff, and mail your payments for a fraction of what it would cost to do in-house.

Julie Swope – JJ Bakd Partnership

Julie Swope – JJ Bakd Partnership

I have never worked with a software company that has so far surpassed my
expectation for customer service.

Julie Cobb, Caiman Energy

Julie Cobb, Caiman Energy

“It was real easy to integrate Create-A-Check into our accounting process”

Rick Hornburg, Woodbine Development Corp.

Rick Hornburg, Woodbine Development Corp.

“In the ten years we’ve used it, Create-A-Check has been virtually trouble free. Once you set it up you don’t have to worry about it. It works great for us.”

Pam Nance – Pitman Resources Inc.

This program has saved our company thousands of dollars. We have used it for eight
different entities over these almost 20 years. If a bank changes ownership or changes
its name, we change it on the program with absolutely zero waste. I would estimate that
between these eight entities, we have gone through at least thirty changes.


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