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What our customers are saying.

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Susan Fogary
Susan Fogary Becon Construction, Co., Inc.

We have been using Create-A-Check for years. Piracle’s software, services and programs are great. I enjoy working with Create-A-Check’s outstanding staff and their turn-around time has been great!

Omar Anderson
Omar Anderson Evergreen Construction Co.

Create-A-Check’s Technical Support personnel treated me like I was the most important customer you had.


Shawn B, Peters
Shawn B, Peters Group Medical Services

We are happy to report that the program is functioning marvelously and we are very pleased with it. We look forward to a continued and successful relationship with Create- A-Check and wish to extend our gratitude to all of the Create-A-Check staff for their help.

Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller ClearChoice Dental

Create-A-Check, integrated with our accounting software, was able to deliver a solution to ClearChoice with blank check stock and toner in days. We contacted Piracle after Christmas and we were printing checks by New Year’s. The insecurities and hassle of pre-printed check stock has been put to rest. What a great way to kick off the New Year.


Pam Nance
Pam Nance Pitman Resources, Inc.

In November 1993, I read a short article called “Write Your Own Checks” that appeared in Nation’s Business. It told about an amazing software package that would turn blank stock into MICR encrypted checks. The name of that program was Create-a-Check. I ordered that program and am still using it 20 years later.

This program has saved our company thousands of dollars. We have used it for eight different entities over these almost 20 years. If a bank changes ownership or changes its name, we change it on the program with absolutely zero waste. I would estimate that between these eight entities, we have gone through at least thirty changes.

Charlie Auger
Charlie Auger R&O Construction

We have engaged in several ventures where we use separate checking accounts and some of them require dual signatures. The Create-A-Check software allows us to add those new accounts easily by simply adding the data into the software.

Shauna Besendorfer
Shauna Besendorfer Precision Bookkeeping

For me, the greatest benefit is not having to reorder pre-printed check stock. With my client base constantly changing their contact information, I don’t have to order new check stock or throw away obsolete check stock.

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Piracle’s Total Solution Guarantee:

At Piracle’s foundation is our “Total Solution” guarantee. Simply put, all checks printed with software, MICR toner, and blank check stock purchased through Piracle are guaranteed to successfully pass through the banking system.