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Piracle’s line of check printing and office supplies work perfectly in conjunction with our software solutions and online services to ensure the utmost in protection against fraud. Providing users check stock, MICR toner cartridges and other supplies that exceed industry standards, our unparalleled line of supplies include:

Blank Check Stock

Customers know Piracle checks are synonymous with security and fraud protection. Additionally, a renewed dedication to lessening our environmental impact now compliments our unfailing compliance with rigorous ASC X9 (Accredited Standard Committee X9) standards.

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And, as always, Piracle guarantees all checks printed with our “Total Solution” of secure check stock, toner, and software.


  • Heat sensitive ink, fluorescent fibers, micro and prismatic printing prevent checks from being photocopied.
  • Watermarks, warning bands, and chemical reactive paper help alert banks to tampering or fraudulent checks.
  • Sturdy 24-pound bond ensures check strength and durability.
  • Environmentally friendly check stock certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council.
  • Optional Toner Grip check stock available for use in higher-speed printers.
  • Piracle “Total Solution” guarantee.




MICR Toner Cartridges

A check is only as good as the toner used to print it. No one understands this better than Piracle and no one works harder to ensure the delivery of consistent quality to our customers. In addition to offering cartridge recycling options and newer,

MCIR Tonermore environmentally-friendly Tamarack toner, Piracle MICR toner continues to meet the rigorous standards of ASC X9 (Accredited Standard Committee X9) and the American Banking Association.

  • Certified MICR toner helps prevent check processing failure.
  • Unparalleled signal strength and permanence ensures check legibility, even after repeated passes through reader/sorter machines.
  • Cartridge recycling program and optional Tamarack toner offer environmentally-friendly solutions.
  • Piracle “Total Solution” guarantee.


Our Envelopes are made for the easiest stuffing possible. We stock double window envolopes as well as w-2/1099 envelopes. Choose from standard or self seal varieties.

envolope2 envolope


Other Supplies

In addition to MICR toner cartridges and blank check stock, we offer an array of payment management tools and office supplies.

Piracle’s other supplies include:

  • MICR-compliant, high-volume, and all-in-one printers
  • Rosetta Technologies Workgroup MICR Printers.
  • Financial institution supplies, including deposit slips and debit draft stock
  • W2 and 1099 blank stock
  • Blank and colored legal copy stock
  • Envelopes, folders, and sealers

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Piracle’s Total Solution Guarantee:

At Piracle’s foundation is our “Total Solution” guarantee. Simply put, all checks printed with software, MICR toner, and blank check stock purchased through Piracle are guaranteed to successfully pass through the banking system.

“Our banking relationships are fairly dynamic and Create-A-Check allows us to change accounts and institutions very easily.”

– Tony Strehlow, Caiman Energy, LLC