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Loan Management Software

The instant loan management solution that keeps your debt portfolio straight.1

Portfolio Debt Manager is a complete loan management system for a borrower or lender that automates loan transactions for real estate loans, construction loans, development loans, permanent loans, lines of credit, equipment, and inter-company loans.

The debt managment system retains pertinent data regarding your loan’s origination and maturity dates, payment attributes, payment changes, interest attributes, interest changes, commitment amounts and also has the ability to electronically store loan documents, promissory notes, and statements, etc. The system manages both fixed and variable interest rate loans, with indexes such as LIBOR and Prime, updated daily. This gives you accurate, instant, up to date loan information at your fingertips anytime, anywhere with robust portfolio management to help you manage your real estate investment portfolio as it relates to your debt.

  • Eliminates the need to keep loan information, balances, amortization schedules in spreadsheets that are often inaccurate.
  • Streamlines the loan management process, allowing you to keep all loan information at your fingertips.
  • Eliminates loan accounting errors and reconciles general ledger loan balances with the lender’s statements.
  • Alerts you regarding loan event dates such as resting requirements, maturity dates, extension dates, reporting requirements, etc.
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See It In Action

Click on the video below to view a Portfolio Debt Manager demonstration.

Portfolio Debt Manager Demo from CLM on Vimeo.

The Power of Portfolio Debt Manager

MSP Commercial is a property management firm in Minnesota with over 36 years experience in the field. Jill Heinbuch, a Senior Accountant at the organization implemented Portfolio Debt Manager two years ago in an effort to streamline their office work flows and provide their owners with a more in depth knowledge of their real estate holdings.

“This solution has enhanced the reports we are generating and has provided our owners with the detail they need to better understand their assets.”

Heinbuch utilizes several tools in the Portfolio Debt Manager application to simplify the processes that used to be cumbersome.

“We can now correct erroneous entries before posting to general ledger, track project values, and store loan documents in a virtual repository that can be accessed by all of our employees from any computer or mobile device.”

MSP Commercial is a property management group that reports to several partner groups and is committed to offering each of their groups the individualized attention they require.

“ This application lets us give each of our owners individual attention and allows us to streamline the data input to one location.  This products is a must for any company large or small.”