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Simplify your AP and Payroll processes

Create-A-Check for QuickBooks allows users to easily and securely print checks on blank check stock using Intuit’s bestselling accounting program. Since our software allows you to make your electronic ACH payments directly from your bank, there are no contracts to sign no need to work with a third party bank.


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Integrates with Quickbooks
How it Works

Whether you are looking to make electronic payments or print MICR checks onto blank check stock, Create-A-Check allows you  to more efficiently manage your payment processes.

FeaturesCreate-A-Check Features

Create-A-Check has been developed to make your payment processes more efficient and easier to manage.

OutsourceMakes Life Easier

Our goal is to make sure that your daily tasks are not slowing you down by simplifying all of your payment processes.

SecurityEnhances Security

We take security seriously because we know that payment fraud is prevalent and easily preventable.

PaperworkEliminates Paperwork

Clean out your messy desk by storing important documentation electronically.

CalculatorSavings Calculator

See It In Action

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Create-A-Check is an indispensable asset that saves our company money year in and year out. Literally, we would be lost without it.
Clanci Hawks
Clanci Hawks SLC Customs
We use Create-A-Check with QuickBooks, and they work very well together. With QuickBooks, we were only getting 250 checks for $75. Create-A-Check for QuickBooks offers a better deal with 1,000 checks for $65.

Piracle’s Total Solution Guarantee:

At Piracle’s foundation is our “Total Solution” guarantee. Simply put, all checks printed with software, MICR toner, and blank check stock purchased through Piracle are guaranteed to successfully pass through the banking system.