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Outsource Your Check or ACH Processing

Let us Print, stuff, sort and mail your checks for you

With Piracle’s Secure Printing Service, you can safely print checks and payroll documents for a fraction of what it would cost to do in-house. We will:

  • Print your checks and mail payments to vendors
  • Print and mail your 1099 and W-2 documentation for internal payroll needs
  • Include any additional printed material in mailed envelopes
  • Process Direct Deposit (ACH) payments with your bank
  • Mail printed stubs for those Direct Deposit transactions
  • Email confirmations to recipients of ACH transactions
  • Include Positive Pay processing for checks printed through our Secure Printing Service

Let us do the work for you




How easy is it?

Simply send your file electronically to Piracle using our Encrypted Delivery Service. Our SOC2 Certification allows us to safely and securely print your sensitive documents. Once printed, we fold, stuff, and mail the documents to the desired recipients. We will help you through this process if needed, but it is as easy as sending us the electronic files. We take care of the rest.

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Cornell University

Cornell University began using Piracle’s secure printing service in April of 2013, and has now fully adopted it as the university paycheck printing solution for roughly 3,800 checks monthly. We have found the people at Piracle to be very customer-service oriented. Implementations can be rocky, but everyone we contacted during our transition to this paycheck printing solution worked diligently to ensure that our experience was as smooth and pain-free as possible. In addition, we appreciate their ongoing efforts to guarantee our satisfaction with the product.

Kimberly Cassell (Director of Payroll Accounting at Cornell University)

Merchant Link

Merchant Link, a payment gateway and data security solution business, was founded in 1993 and currently facilitates 3 billion transaction annually for merchants world-wide. As one of the first companies to use Piracle’s Secure Printing Service, Merchant Link has been a long time customer of the SOC2 compliant service.

Ruth Stilphen, the Financial Systems Manager for Merchant Link, said they started with Piracle in 2012 and have been pleased with the Secure Printing Service ever since because it saves the company time and money.

“The efficiency element is extremely helpful to Merchant Link,” Stilphen said. “We deal with numerous transactions, and it is reassuring that we can send our checks and ACH payments transactions to Piracle to be printed and not worry about it again. They take care of everything: printing, putting the payments in envelopes, as well as printing postage and mailing the payments. It saves us time and money and their security gives us peace of mind.”

Merchant Link also uses Piracle’s Portlet for NetSuite, and Stilphen said the company is looking forward to moving over to Piracle Pay Service for NetSuite, soon.

“We have been pleased with Piracle’s services. Their Secure Printing Service has been an excellent solution to our printing and mailing check needs. Soon, we will upgrade to Piracle Pay Service for NetSuite, to utilize their complete payment solution,” Stilphen said. “I would recommend Piracle for anyone who wants an efficient, cost effective solution to check printing.”

Primexx Company used Piracle's 1099 printing service in 2014:


Why didn’t we do this last year? We most certainly will do this again next year. Leticia Dunn (Primexx)